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Just SOLD… how I love the sounds of that

Friday, November 24th, 2017
Californian Manor Condo in Edmonton - Just Sold

Californian Manor Condo in Edmonton – Just Sold

Creative and Magical She Sheds now Growing in the Best Backyards

Thursday, July 23rd, 2015

So, he’s got the basement, or maybe even the garage.  There’s probably some Edmonton Sun girly photos on the wall, a bunch of oil, propane, gas or some other dirty lubricant sitting around, and it’s probably not that clean.  If he’s in the basement, there’s most likely a video game console around, some massive home theatre system, a beer fridge and a rather large counch that no one is looking forward to bringing up the stairs on move out day.  Where does that leave her?  Sure, we have rule over a lot of the house, but where is that special spot for just us?

Our sewing spot, crafts corner, meditation mat or yoga hut?  The place where we can be at one with nature, the birds and perhaps even a passing by bunny?  That space has come ladies, and it’s in our backyards.  While Edmonton sees it’s lion share of winter, we do have long moments of the spring, summer and fall, where a woman can enjoy much of the season, with just a bit of shade from the sun, cover from the rain or walls to keep out the wind.  A Mr. Heater, may become necessary, but there are plenty of those around.

The trick to establishing an awesome space outside for us ladies, is to capture who you want to be in that space.  It can be anything you want, any aspect of your soul, personality or wish to become in this world.

What about the essentials?  The way I see it, for the best ‘She-Sheds’ you will need some or all of the following:

  • A place to stretch out, sit down or lay down comfortably. Maybe even some room for your friends or husband!
  • Fabric, fabric and more fabric, make it ssssssoft…. Drapes, cushions, pillows, …window treatments flowing from the breeze outside.
  • An organization unit of some sort for your books, crafts, candles, incense, yoga mat, whatever you need to feel you.
  • A piece of art that speaks to your soul.
  • Color.  Color with white, color with black, color, color color.  Be alive in your space.  Breathe in the healing nature of bright and bold colors.

Just take a look at some of the creative ‘She-Sheds’ featured here for your inspiration: