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What’s great about Blackmud Creek?

Thursday, May 8th, 2014

The Blackmud Creek community was developed in the early 2000’s with the largest development occurring between 2001 and 2006. It was named for the Blackmud Creek which borders the neighbourhood on its South and East sides. Since this is a low-density residential community, residents gets the benefit of space. Homes are not tightly packed here, as they are in many developing communities which are striving to fit more families into smaller areas. The Virginia Park Woodland is located to the Northeast of the community providing a splash of nature. The area along the Creek is an environmental reserve, guaranteeing residents that this significant strip of natural land will remain unchanged and undeveloped. The area also boasts easy access to the Anthony Henday, good proximity to the Edmonton International Airport and only a short commute to shopping and dining experiences.

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The Two Seasons of Edmonton

Sunday, April 13th, 2014

It has long been joked about that there are only two seasons in Edmonton, winter and road construction. With the snow starting to subside and the weather warming up it’s time that Edmontonians brace for the ensuing season of major road construction. The City of Edmonton has some large transportation projects on the books for 2014. So how will these projects effect you?

That all depends on the area of the city you spend your time in. Some of the largest projects are taking place in the cities southeast area, with the addition of an interchange at The QEII and 41 Ave, complete reconstruction of 41 Avenue SW to a four-lane divided urban arterial. The projects planed for this area are in direct relation to the population increase of the sounding area. The south side of the city has continued to see growth over the years, and shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. Another project on the south side include, Ellerslie Road between 50 Street and 62 Street being upgraded to four lanes, to accommodate growth and increased traffic from future subdivision developments, this project is a developer project. The advantage to a developer project is that it is paid for by the developer and not by the tax payers. The 102 Avenue over Groat Road Bridge, will also be replaced with expected bridge closure July 1, 2014, with completion anticipated for fall of 2015. 34 Street, 23 Avenue, and 38 Avenue will be widened as part of the City’s Arterial Widening Program, the project will widen the arterial routes from 2 to 4 lanes and increase pedestrian accommodations with completion of missing sidewalks and shared-use paths.

All this construction located with in a small sector of the city may be disruptive to the general public, but the overall improvement to the area will last for decades to come. The planned projects for this area only serve to highlight the increasing demand for this very livable sector of the city. So I guess its short term pain for long term gain, or at least that’s the motto this Realtor is sticking with.

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Why Live in Hodgson

Thursday, April 10th, 2014

The Hodgson neighbourhood was named after John Hodgson (1888-1969) who was the city comptroller and financial commissioner for the City of Edmonton for nearly 40 years.  John Hodgson came to Edmonton from England in 1913, where he had worked as a chartered accountant.  The neighbourhood began to experience the bulk of its residential development in the early 2000s, and the housing mix is split between low and medium density housing forms.  Prior to urban development in the early 2000s the land was used primarily for agricultural purposes, but there were also limited residential uses, a few woodlots and a natural wetland located within the plan area.

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Why is Blatchford in Edmonton considered a cutting edge community?

Monday, April 7th, 2014

Edmonton’s newest community will soon start to take shape, using the land that was formally assigned to the City Center Airport, this new community is billed as a ground breaking departure from other communities in Edmonton. This new community will have an estimated population of 30,000 residents and is expected to create 11,000 places to work for Edmontonians.

Billed as a carbon neutral, The City of Edmonton expects 100% of the power used by this community to come from renewable energy through a district heat and power plant. Containing up to 600 community garden plots, this green community will also contain a large stormwater lake, with natural landscaping on the west side, and a boardwalk on the east side. NAIT is also looking to lay claim to some of the 217 hectare (536 acre) site, with plans for much needed student housing in this new community. With close ties and access to public transit this community aims to connect with the rest of the city through vital links in transportation and its central location with in the city. With this long arduous process that has been ongoing for several years, the master plan for Blatchford was completed in early 2013 with construction slated to begin in 2014, for possible occupancy in late 2016.

This one of a kind community is poised to be one of the most desired communities in The City of Edmonton, and this Realtor is looking forward to seeing the Blatchford community come to fruition.

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Pets in the City

Sunday, April 6th, 2014

Are your pets licensed? The City Of Edmonton has started a campaign called ‘Pets in The City’, the aim of the campaign is to raise awareness of the licensing requirements for pet owners. Being a responsible owner is much more than just giving your pet adequate care, food, water and shelter. You are also responsible for their actions.

All cats and dogs older then 6 months of age require a valid pet licence and tags from The City of Edmonton. Even your indoor cats need to be licensed as they can slip out open windows or doors from time to time. Having your pet identified with either a microchip or a tattoo is a great way to ensure that you can be contacted in the event your pet goes missing, however these are not replacements for a proper pet licence. So why should you license your pets? It’s the law for one but there are other reasons behind licensing your pets.

Licensed Cats Come Home

Even indoor cats can slip away and become lost in the city, since most cats in Edmonton are not licensed, few unlicensed cats are returned to their homes. Ensuring that your cat wears a valid license, will allow the city to contact you when your cat is found. The license cost for a spayed/neutered cat, is only $20. The cost to you for not having a valid pet licence stands at $250.

They are Safest at Home

Allowing your cat to wander could lead to overturned garbage and irritated neighbours. Far more seriously, your roaming cat could get lost, hurt or even killed. Roaming cats face many dangers, including vehicles, other people’s pets, animal cruelty and wildlife. Keeping your cat indoors, safely confined to your property or walked using a harness and leash will help keep it out of harm’s way. It will also save you money; the fine if your cat is caught on private property is $100.

For more information on pet licences you can contact The City of Edmonton by calling 311 or by emailing your questions to 311@edmonton.ca. Pet licences can also be purchased online through The City of Edmonton’s website edmonton.ca .

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Why should you take time to complete the Edmonton 2014 Census?

Saturday, April 5th, 2014

Well it’s that time again, time for The City of Edmonton, as well as many other cities and towns across our vast province, to conduct a new 2014 census of the population. Between the dates of April 10th 2014 and May 10th 2014, you have the opportunity to ‘count yourself in’.

Being a part of the census is easier now then ever before, as technology advances so do the methods for the collection of information. You have options on how you choose to fill out your census survey, either by answering questions when the census workers come to the door or you can now fill out your census form online. The online forums will only be open for a limited time of the census taking window and must be completed by 8:00pm April 27th 2014. So you may ask yourself why would the City of Edmonton what to know about my life, well the answers are many. Census data is used in a number of ways, most importantly to plan capital projects, and enables The City Of Edmonton to anticipate and adapt to change, in the demography of our ever evolving city. Since most grants the City of Edmonton, as well as others, receive are based on the total population of said city, it’s important that you and those living in your household take the time to ensure that you are counted. The last census of our capital city was conducted in 2012, and a quick look back at some recent census data shows a few interesting facts.

When comparing census data for the past two census the City of Edmonton has performed we notice some trend in the ‘Dwelling Unit and Property Status’ numbers. Between 2009 and 2012, the number of dwellings and properties, listed as ‘under construction’ increased by 1590 units, highlighting Edmonton’s ever changing and evolving landscape even after a period of economic decline in most of the country. The 2012 census also saw a decrease in the number of ‘vacant lots’ a drop of 1307 vacant lots were reported in the 2012 census versus the 2009 census, proving that Edmontonians are always looking to capitalize on the land available to them to expand our city, while attempting to limit urban sprawl as much as possible. Overall the numbers returned in this one section of the census painted a very bright future for The City of Edmonton, more buildings occupied and less properties listed as no longer in use. It’s only by conducting a municipal census that we can truly get the full picture of the changes that have happened to The City of Edmonton. If you’re like myself and spend most of your time in our beautiful city the changes over a two year period may not be as evident to you till you see the numbers on paper. With Census data broken down by neighbourhood this is also a very useful tool when looking for that purrfect place to buy. A quick internet search of your potential neighbourhood’s census data, can provide you with a wealth of information on just who your neighbours could be, from the number of children in the area to the number of singles in the area, even going as far as breaking down the number of owned properties versus rented properties. Whether you’re looking for a home for yourself or your family or maybe looking for a great neighbourhood to invest in, census data is a wonderful tool to help asses the potential of any area of our great city.

If at all possible make some time between April 10th 2014 and April 27th 2014, I would suggest you fill out the census forum online, if that’s not an option or you forget to fill your forum out make sure you answer your door when City Census Workers stop by. In order to keep our city moving forward and keep everyone informed make sure you ‘Count Yourself In’, this Realtor will.

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A Purrfect Edmonton Property

Thursday, April 3rd, 2014

Being a Realtor in the Edmonton area, I have the opportunity to view a plethora of beautiful homes, one that recently caught my attention is 831 Drysdale Run. Situated in the newer neighbourhood of Donsdale, this house and community make a winning team.

Construction of the Donsdale neighbourhood began in 1995, with the main focus on single family homes and parklands. Ninety nine percent of the homes in Donsdale are owner occupied, according too the 2005 municipal census. In the City of Edmonton’s 2012 municipal census, Donsdale had a population of 1,308 living in 551 dwellings. Close to several schools, this family friendly neighbourhood boasts many parks and walking trails with year round access for you and your pets. Located just a short drive from Edmonton Country Club, Alberta’s oldest golf club, this house is sure to impress the avid golfer. Located on Drysdale Run, this spacious house offers 160.0 square meters (1722.24 square feet), above ground, finished in exquisite manner. Featuring high end finishings, cathedral ceilings, grand eight foot tall doors, and granite counters on all cabinetry, this custom built home will have you in awe from the minute you walk through the front door. A large wall of windows in the main living area allow ample sunlight in the bright modern kitchen and family room, highlighting the Tiger Wood hardwood flooring. The walkout basement has more than enough room to accommodate a pool table and still have extra room for family and friends to gather in comfort. With three bedrooms and three baths, built in 2006 this house is sure to impress the most discerning homebuyer in us all. At a list price thirty percent below replacement cost, this custom family, walk out bungalow, my be just the home for you.

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What’s so Great about Mactaggart in Edmonton?

Thursday, February 13th, 2014

This community offers direct access to both the North and South (as well as Central) parts of the City, without being right in the middle of any of it. MacTaggart provides an easy pace in a largely settled community that is very involved in itself. If you like the idea of a neighbourhood that is always working to better itself, keeps its residents safe and offers fun community-centric events, then consider Mactaggert. Here, you have access to everything, including the airport, without being too close to any prime business or traffic areas. With a fair mix of low to medium-density residential areas, this community offers housing to a variety of budgets while maintaining its overall clean and upscale appearance.

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Why Pick The Hamptons as your Next Neighbourhood.

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014


Although this community may seem like it has been under construction for a while, there is a vast majority of it that is well-developed and settled. Residents here may easily find themselves in a win-win situation, where they get a home in a developed area that still has plans to grow, providing them ample opportunity to get a return on their investment. As the neighbourhood is completed and schools are built, The Hamptons should see a nice increase in property value – a value that will be added to by its active HOA.

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How Did Ellerslie Get its’ Name?

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

Location wise, you couldn’t ask for anything more convenient. No matter where you work, you are close to the major arteries of the city, making any commute quick and easy. Being close to present commercial and industrial areas means that your work may just be right down the road – and all the leisure activities you could hope for are just outside your door. If you would prefer to avoid a community still under construction, then Ellerslie is for you.

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