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June 2018 – Edmonton Real Estate Market Reports

June 2018 Edmonton Real Estate Market Stats

June 2018 Edmonton Real Estate Market Stats

*Stats as of May 30, 2018

Well, I’m certainly glad that the Tornado warnings this weekend, didn’t destroy my home, flowers or hurt any of my family members, thank goodness.  Here we are chugging along into the spring and summer seasons, with the snow melted and buyers out there looking to move their families before school starts in the fall.  There should be a bit of a drag coming up this July for the Real Estate Market, knowing that a lot of Yeggers will be heading off for blessed holidays!

Congratulations to all of you that get to go.!!! Have a Bahama Mama or a Peach Bellini for me!

Now, for the market reports:

The Edmonton Residential Real Estate average is sitting at a lovely $377,139. Down year over year by 0.54% and up 2.13% from last month.

Residential single family dwellings with an average selling price of $442,348 have increased 0.40% from last year and increased 3.08% over last month.

Condo dwellings, continuing on a downward trend, dropping 3.86% from last year to $241,547, and decreased 2.36% from last month.

Rowhouses and Duplexes are sitting at an average of $346,800 up 0.77% from last year and up 3.59% from last month.

Highest Edmonton Sales for May of 2018?

Single Family – $2,335,000

Condos – $923,825

Duplex/Rowhouse – $730,000

Average days on market?

Single Family: 46 Days, down 2 from last year

Condos: 66 Days, up 4 from last year

Duplex/Rowhouse: 59 Days, down 3 from last year.

4,136 new listings for a total of 9,859 listings on market, an increase year over year of 16.03% and 19.19% more than last month, Anyone who tells you there aren’t enough listings in Edmonton, does not know the market at all.  Watch out for all those claims on postcards and in the news folks.

How many Sales in April 2018?

1,776 sales – which shows 5.55 Months of inventory on market, definitely a buyers market. This stat is also known as Market Absorption Rate.

Price your homes right.  It will matter.




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