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Edmonton: Saving the Commissions could Cost You Thousands!

Saving the Commissions could cost you thousands

Saving the Commissions could cost you thousands

What is the largest single advantage of trying to sell your home yourself?

Saving the commissions payable.  So what is the single greatest advantage of buying a home directly from a seller or for sale by owner?  Saving the commission again. So everyone wants to save on the commissions, but who has the advantage in Edmonton- a Buyer or a Seller? Only 15% of homes currently on the market will sell within the first 90 days in Edmonton.  So clearly, a buyers market.  That being said, is the advantage on the sellers side with only one property to sell, or on the buyers side with multiple properties they could buy and the money to do so?

That’s right, the Buyer has the power.

There are Potential, Serious and Qualified buyers.  You could have a very curious, potential buyer who doesn’t qualify to buy your home.  You could have a serious buyer, that also doesn’t qualify to buy your home. 90% of direct buyers are bargain hunters, looking to save the same commission you may want to save but they are also looking for a home that is thousands of dollars LESS than fair market value. Trying to save the commissions could cost you thousands of dollars and plenty of your time and efforts getting through the abundance of unqualified buyers.

You need a serious and qualified buyer for your home, but where are THEY?

95% of all SERIOUS & QUALIFIED buyers are working with a REALTOR®for one magical reason.  They get FREE, professional representation that will protect them from home buying issues.

How do you bring in REALTORS®?

Would you ever go and work at a job without being hired and expect to be paid?  No, neither will REALTORS.®They only want to show homes on the professional market. So you see, the greatest disadvantage you have in trying to save the commission is:

You are eliminating 95% of the serious and qualified buyers.

Are the odds really stacked against owners selling their homes for less commission? Let me ask you, if a fisherman were to place their focus more on saving bait, than catching a big fish, would you say they have the right priorities? Commission is not the expense most think it is.

Commissions are a marketing tool!
Some folks focus so much on saving the commission, that they lose sight of the most important aspect of selling a home: Selling their home for the absolute highest price, netting the most money possible!

What is most important to you?

How much commission you offer or how much money you net?

Which pond would you rather be in?

Private Pond                                                                          Professional Pond

5% of fish                                                                                95% of fish

Small pond with 5% of fish

Small pond with 5% of fish


Big Pond with lots of fish

Big Pond with lots of fish




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