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April 2018 – #YEG Real Estate Market Reports

YEG Real Estate Market Report - April 2018

YEG Real Estate Market Report – April 2018

The Residential selling price in Edmonton has creeped up over the years, this month sitting at $374,264 a 0.77% increase year over year and down 0.03% from last month.  The market is warming up, just like the outdoors.

Residential single family dwellings with an average selling price of $444,091 have increased 1.06% over last year and 0.43% over last month.

Condo dwellings, not such good news for us, but it could be worse, year to year we have dropped 3.47% to $243,212, down from last month as well.

Rowhouses and Duplexes are sitting at an average of $349,537 down 0.53% from last year and down 1.44% from last month.

Highest sales for March?

Single Family – $2,610,000

Condos – $1,279,500

Duplex/Rowhouse – $944,000

Average days on market?

Single Family: 49 Days, down two from last year

Condos: 67 Days, down five from last year

Duplex/Rowhouse: 61 Days, creeping up 4 days from last year

Quantity of New Listings?

3,459 new listings for a total of 7,963 listings on market, an increase year over year of 13.26%. Anyone who tells you there aren’t enough listings in Edmonton, does not know the market at all.  Watch out for all those claims on postcards and in the news folks.

Sales in March?

1,294 sales – which shows 6.15 Months of inventory on market, definitely a buyers market.

Price your homes right.  It will matter.



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