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Not some catty remarks regarding this Edmonton area REALTOR®

Tuesday, June 28th, 2016

A lovely testimonial from a recent client; thanks Diane and Jerry!

We used Jeanine’s services to purchase a condo in Edmonton. We found Jeanine to be very courteous, professional and honest in her dealings with us. She would guide us away from properties that did not meet our needs and were not well maintained. We were very happy with Jeanine’s services and would recommend Jeanine to anyone looking at buying any type of property in Edmonton.

Is the Grass Actually Greener on the Attached Housing side?

Friday, June 3rd, 2016

What motivates folks to move into row hosing, condos, duplexes and otherwise ‘managed properties’ can range so many reasons.  You could be an empty nester, a senior, not apt to gardening, too busy to mow the lawn or unable to do maintenance around your home altogether.  Perhaps, if you’re really lucky (IMO), you;re off golfing in Scottsdale for a few months of every year, and you’re looking for someone to keep an eye out for your property and help to make sure it doesn’t look vacant.  Whatever your reason, a condo or duplex can be a great fit.  It has possibility, in that nothing is guaranteed.  Row housing doesn’t necessarily mean landscaping included.  So how do you know for sure?  How do you know the grass will be cut all the way to your front door?  How do you know the flower beds will be maintained?  If you plant a Virginia Creeper and it climbs up and into the eaves troughs, who has to clean it up? If landscaping is included, will they come into my fenced yard and cut the grass? All great questions, many of which I am asked on a regular basis.  While, condo documents may be able to tell you some of the information you are looking for, you may just be wasting your time reading them.

Here’s a little cheat sheet guide to help you figure out, which way you should be heading to get landscaping included at your next home.

As always, if you are looking to purchase a multi-family dwelling in the Edmonton area, I’d love to help you reach your goals and set you on the fast track to your next home.  No strings attached, no obligation guaranteed, call Jeanine at 780 916 9739 to start your home search now.

Now, let’s review the types properties where landscaping could be included and look closely behind the scenes…

Remember this: There is no counting for a green thumb or good gardening policies.  Grass needs to be watered (budgeted for = expense). These services and professionals change, over time and managing policies can change with each yearly board. Condo living is under someone elses’ rules and governing.

1. Apartment styled Condominiums and Landscaping Policies

Yes, landscaping will be included. These types of homes will have flow-through exterior lawn designs, allowing quick and easy lawn cutting.  Your balcony, or balcony gardens will not be maintained for you, that’s up to you.  Some apartment styled condos have yards for their main floor condos, designed with community ownership and common expenses in mind; this yard will be your responsibility. It can open you up to gardening options like, ‘I’d like to plant a wisteria’ and your condo board should let you. These yards and balconies are considered exclusive use areas; so READ THE CONDO DOCS to see what the rules are for exclusive use areas. If the condo has a common-area patio or rooftop balcony, the landscaping in these areas will be included.

2. Half Duplexes,  In-fill style, up/down, side/side and Landscaping Policies

No, landscaping is included. Yes, it would be super neighbourly of you, if you worked out a deal with a neighbour you liked for the maintenance of both yards. Oh the possibilities here, is there a RESTRICTIVE COVENANT deciding what you can and can not do? Theses homes have a party wall and they may or may not have agreements.  These homes may or may not have restrictions, restrictions about the exterior or restrictions about the landscaping.  City rules here, city by-laws.

3. Half Duplexes, Community Styled Condos and Landscaping Policies

Maybe, here’s a pretty good home bracket to be in for many folks. Want to go golfing in Arizona, a lot? lol Palm Springs aficionado every spring?  Seniors and Travellers are great fits for these types of homes and managed communities.  A half-duplex bungalow where the landscaping is meticulously maintained, and allows just a wee bit of gardening beds for the avid plant lover is a great combination for lots of scenarios. Some of these duplex communities owners have come together to budget for landscaping and snow removal. Some might have underground sprinklers planned into the smart design. (Architects and Builders, please hear me! lol)

SENIORS LIVING Duplexes: If it is a property where you must be 40, 45, 50, 55,55+, etc… years of age like the Horizons are in Edmonton,  the landscaping is included. There are minimized fenced in areas, partition walls and that easy flow mentioned at the beginning was planned into the property from day one.

4. Row Housing, Attached Housing, Smart styled condos and Landscaping Policies

Yes, this is a great example of a property, where the design and intention from the beginning was to minimize landscaping costs. Easy flow lawn areas, fencing costs minimized, minimal shrubs and trees to replace.  Modern design and budgeting at it’s best, but not much delight for gardeners.

5. Row Housing, Attached Housing, Townhouse styled condos and Landscaping Policies

Policies vary the most in this type of housing, based on the board, their perspectives and the condo management that is in place; alongside their understandings. I have to question that if ‘it didn’t rain for three weeks, would the grass be green?’ Just what is the budget for water on that grass? How many times a week do the managers bring the water truck by?  Can you plant a tree in the common area yard? How often do they cut the grass?  Is it cut into pretty diamond patterns, lol? Fenced in Yards are a fifty shades of grey perspective question indeed! Very grey, is the yard taken care of if it’s fenced?  Well now, that depends on your board, its’ managers, what they push, what they don’t, their level of commitment, etc.  Can you be certain, no. CAVEAT EMPTOR – buyer beware.

You know, the buyer always buys the problems the seller knows about and is selling.  If you’re looking to see if landscaping is included; here’s a great place to start… you can start with taking a look around and asking yourself; does it look maintained now? Ask a neighbour, go ahead, they’ll tell you.

Ready to move when you are.

Jeanine =^..^=