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Here are the Latest Results for RE/MAX and Edmontons’ Sales Survey!

Hi Folks,

I love this chart and its’ findings.  RE/MAX is a really great company to work for and there are quite a lot of REALTORS in Edmonton that agree with me.  The sales summary also show positive results with the Remax system.  A system that continually works to educate me, and provide me with solutions to marketing and technology in this ever and quickly changing world.   Check out our market results for Edmonton:


What I really like about this years chart is the addition of some of the brokerages I get the most questions about.  Comfree and 2% Realty.  I get so many questions about these brokerages and I am proud to show these results.  So to paint a current but not crystal clear picture of home sales for the Edmonton area in June of 2015… 2,008 homes sold. RE/MAX sold about 835 homes, Comfree sold about 49 and 2% Realty sold about 26 homes.

So the next time you ask me how these brokerages are doing, you can come and check out these reports, produced by RE/MAX and see for yourself.

Ready to set sale when you are,