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Edmonton Real Estate Market Share 2012 – Re/Max IS THE Cats Meow

Thursday, December 13th, 2012

Hi Friends and bloggers,

Here comes that time again where I get to send out some of our bragging rights to the Edmonton Real Estate Buyers, Sellers, Renters and absolutely everyone that might be interested in making a little, if not a lot of money in the game of Real Estate. I’ve recently been involved in a pretty interesting program by Brian Tracey and it has got me thinking about my ‘Unique Selling Proposition.’

In plain terminology it is easier said as ‘what separates me from my competition, or why should my customers and clients choose me as their Realtor rather than my colleagues?’ It took me very little time to come up with the standard statement that I care and I’m competent and that I’m available, but that all really seems so intangible, immeasurable and very typical.

A friend of mine (thanks Natalie) mentioned in our conversation over this topic that she had once heard that the above were entrance fees into our industry. They do not make a person special in Real Estate, or as an Edmonton, Alberta Realtor, but that those enable a Realtor to do their job at par with other colleagues.

My USP is Communications and Technology, and I’ll get to that soon.

Yet the USP for today is RE/MAX. Go Re/Max. Wow RE/MAX. How I just LOVE being a Re/Max Realtor in Edmonton.

Edmonton Brokerage Market Share - 2012 with Jeanine Boutet, The Cats Meow at Re/Max Real Estate

Every month, when I see this Brokerage share chart showing the actual HOME SALES by the leading brokerages in Edmonton, I am so very delighted with Re/Max. I wonder why a Realtor would choose to work with anyone else. While I know that Re/Max has some tighter rules and is known as “Fee-Max” to some industry members, I don’t care about those little things.

I care about the numbers. The good old SALES numbers. How many homes have been sold in Edmonton this year, by whom, and I really think you should know too.

The competition might offer you a discount or a ‘better deal’ but ask yourself is it really? Do you have to be ‘Lucky” to sell with them? I’m putting this chart out so you can judge for yourself.

I sure hope you will. Now that would be the Cats Meow.