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A Funny Realtor Story with The Hermitage Veterinary Hospital

Hermitage Veterinary Hospital Edmonton

As I’m working away acouple of weeks ago, I get this call from Joe.  Turns out, there’s a home he and his wife Gina would like to look at.  Purrfect…. I get all the regular details and finally ask for Joe’s email address.  He says, well the wife handles that kind of stuff- so I’ll get her to call you.

I hang up and start working away again.  The phone doesn’t ring.

Finally, the phone rings and I notice that it’s my Kittes Vet Clinic. Hermitage Veterniary Hospital.   All right I’m thinking, it’s time to bring the girls in, I better make an appointment.

Turns out it’s Gina, she tells me that her hubby probalby picked me because of the girls.  Sophia and Sailor.

Now Joe and Gina are just about to take possession of their new home.  The girls are all caught up on their shots and I have some new friends at the clinic.  So thanks to Dr. Howard, Gina and all the rest of the staff.

Now that’s the Cat’s Meow in Real Estate



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